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 education freedom


"Families entrust public schools with the education of their children, but condition their trust on the understanding that the classroom will not purposely be used to advance religious views that may conflict with the private beliefs of the student and his or her family. Students in such institutions are impressionable and their attendance is involuntary. The State exerts great authority and coercive power through mandatory attendance requirements, and because of the students' emulation of teachers as role models and the children's susceptibility to peer pressure. Furthermore, the public school is at once the symbol of our democracy and the most pervasive means for promoting our common destiny. In no activity of the State is it more vital to keep out divisive forces than in its schools."
                                                         Shelton v. Tucker, 364 U.S.                                                                             479, 487 (1960)

Our members are citizens who are concerned about the influence that politics has had on  curriculum, and the resulting changes in materials used to teach history, geography, social studies and even math and science. To counter this trend, we have formed a corporation which has been recognized as a charitable organization pursuant to 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code to ensure that teachers do not inject their personal ideologies into their curricula.  We examine high school and college course content for biased, non-factual material, and work with schools to eliminate propaganda.  We also examine the articles of college and university professors to expose propaganda being passed off as scholarship.  We represent students in high schools and colleges who object to non-historical, ideological material in courses and want to change the curriculum to more accurately reflect reality, and students who have been targeted by teachers and administrators for exercising their First Amendment rights and speaking their opinions.
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